Little White Lies

'Little White Lies' is a comedy about racism which tells the story of a working class family in Wales living in fear of their country becoming a place where there are more mosques than McDonalds and terrorists lurk in every corner shop. Their own family is on the verge of being torn apart by racial tensions and the only person in the family trying to hold it all together is the mother, Karen. She has to deal with her layabout armchair politician husband, Tony, who makes a joke about everything. Her daughter, Serena, who no longer speaks to dad because she's fallen in love with an Indian from Neath. And her son, Steve, who's nearly thirty, still living at home and secretly a racist BNP thug. 'Little White Lies' deals with the rise of the BNP, the politics of hate, the paranoia of racism and how it effects this Welsh family.

Director: Caradog James
Writer: Helen Griffin
Producer: John Giwa-Amu

Helen Griffin - Helen
Brian Hibbard - Tony
Daniel Hawksford - Dai
Mark Lewis Jones - Dr James
Sara Lloyd-Gregory - Serena
John Norton - Michael
Jonny Owen - Steve

Executive Producer: Mo Nazemi

Music by: Christian Henson

Cinematography by: Philipp Blaubach

Editor: Rick Maybe